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This is perfect for anyone!  It is all on footpaths across fields and through woods across the top of the beautiful North Downs.  From Stansted, head up the valley to Fairseat.  Say hello to the ducks on the pond, and then across the fields towards Hodsoll Street.  Great views of the Thames Estuary, then turn for Stansted with skylarks for company, and descend to the picturesque village below.


  • Your stroll is in the country!  We suggest that you wear walking boots or trainers.  The walk is using a mixture of footpaths across fields and woods.  The vegetation has grown a lot, and we suggest long trousers.  A stick can also be useful.  The route is definitely not suitable for pushchairs / buggies.

  • Bring a water bottle.   There will be drinks and a snack half way round the route. 

  • A map of the route is also available at  https://gb.mapometer.com/walking/route_4511683.html  if you want to take a look at it or upload it into your GPS.


Your Arrival

  • The start and finish is at Stansted Village Hall and Recreation Ground, Malthouse Road, Stansted, Kent TN15 7PH.  There is ample car parking, but you do park at your own risk.

  • When you arrive, you will need to register.  This is when you will be given your number and a route sheet.  The route will not be signposted – you will need to follow the sheet of instructions that you will be given.

  • The number should be stuck on the front of your shirt / jacket.

  • Bacon rolls  / teas / coffees will be available from 8.30 am, which could be an excellent way to start the day……

  • The Bertie Stroll will leave at 11.15 am.


Safety on the Day:

  • Please obey the Countryside Code

  • Keep to the footpath

  • Take any litter home with you.

  • Leave gates as you find them.

  • If you are bringing your dog, you must keep it under effective control, and on a lead anywhere near farm animals or horses.  On the route you will encounter sheep, cattle or horses.  If cattle or horses chase you, it is safer if you let the dog off the lead – don’t risk getting hurt by trying to protect it.  Please pick up any mess made by your dog.

  • In the case of a Medical Emergency to you or a fellow stroller – please call 999

  • If you get lost / need help / get into difficulties, there are phone numbers are on your route sheet and also on your number which you can call.  If necessary we can come and pick you up, but you will need to get to a road.

  • First aid assistance is available at Stansted, and the half way checkpoint will also have a first aid kit for you to use.

  • If you decide to leave the Stroll early, please tell the checkpoint or phone / text the number on your route sheet / number.


After Your Stroll:

  • We are expecting you to get back to Stansted from around 12.30 pm, but this is very much an estimate and will depend on people’s fitness and adventures en route!  

  • From 1 pm there will be a lovely BBQ with local farm-made beefburgers and salad, together with tea and cakes, and your medal!    

  • If you are a vegetarian please email berties300@gmail.com and let me know so that we can cater for you.   

  • Please note that we will be providing soft drinks, however if you would like to bring a bottle of something stronger to celebrate – please do!

  • There will be a bouncy castle available all day for children under 12 years old.  There is also a playground, but please note that you are responsible for your children’s safety. 

  • At around 2.30pm there will be some fun races such as egg and spoon, sack race, obstacle race etc. 

  • We are expecting everything to wrap up by 5pm